Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The M&M Christmas Story.

You all know that m&m's are my favorite food of all time except for potatoes that is. Anyway, we decided to give our friends and ward members some m&m's with the Christmas Story for their Christmas Treat. I was so excited when I found almond, mint, dark and milk chocolate, pretzel, peanut, plain and peanut butter varieties in the store. I typed up the poem in red and green and used my scissors (oh for my scrap room and supplies from home) to cut and then glue it on some green paper. A little curly ribbon and they looked pretty spiffy. Wally even got into the spirit and we had to go back to the store for more of everything! The cashier at Big Save is from Kekaha and she was really surprised with all our purchases. It was a good reason to talk to her a little more than usual and kind of broke the ice. "You must really like this candy!" and then we were off on a good conversation. We are really getting to be well know here for one thing or another. We sure hope another senior couple will take our place here because finally after a year we are feeling like a real part of the community.

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