Sunday, December 18, 2011

What a wonderful 4 days this has been and quite the missionary effort too! We have seen lots of people, members, non-members and less active members come together to work, enjoy each others company, bear testimony and eat together. It was such a wonderful experience Bishop had the whole ward meet the last hour today and bear testimonies of things that had happened.
There were 2 families here on vacation who came from Poipu to be in a "Hawaiian" ward and were they surprised, they got a luau after church as part of the deal! We ate with them and shared the goodness of our little town here on Kauai.

Our truck was so long I had to take pictures of it in pieces. This is the front. Sis. Y came out especially to be a historian for the event. We have been trying to meet her and this was a great way to do it. We hope it is a real ice breaker. Every bit of the truck was covered in lights. We walked all through Waimea Town and handed out Joy To The World pass along cards. We gave out about 450 cards and could have used twice as many. If everyone who got one sends for a video the church is going to run out.....

The back end of the float had the beach with surfers and boards. Keahi is a deacon in the ward. He looked down just as I took the picture. He is a nice kid. His dad is from Niihau so he goes there every summer to stay with family. Lucky boy. He attends a Niihau school here in Kekaha and speaks Hawaiian. You know I think we will miss this fun event when that time comes around next year!

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