Monday, December 26, 2011

Waimea Canyon.

Here Jon and the girls are looking out over the Kalalau Valley. It is so beautiful and a very ancient, spiritual place. We took this short hike because the girls wanted to hike and not just look. The sky was so blue and it was so clear you could see forever. Can you see how the ocean meets the sky? Isn't it amazing?

We took a trip up the Waimea Canyon today. The weather was perfect. It was good trip to take today be cause there are 3 or 4 look outs on the way up and it wasn't too long in between each one for the little ones. At each stop they could get out and run around and laugh and play. On the way up Emma kept saying I want to hike. Where are the hikes? Let's not just look. On the 3rd stop this guy was dressed in native costume and you could have you picture taken with him for a "tip." We gave him $5 and took a few. He had a headdress he wanted Owen to wear but he wouldn't have anything to do with that! When he saw the mask he kept saying "pumpkin man." LOL. Here is the standard family picture. What a great way to spend our P-day! Come on over and we will have a picture taken with you at this same spot. This is the Little Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

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