Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Pictures From the Hawaiian Village.

A totem from around the 1700's. Even Hawaiians had these types of carvings

This is a food table in the "Men's eating house." Men did the cooking and they ate first. In ancient times it was the women's job to take care of the children.

This is a message center. These rocks make certain sounds when they are pounded with other rocks and send messages across the valley and up to the lookout where they can be sent on.

This is an imu or underground oven. It is used to cook meats. Coals are heated up then covered with banana leaves and then the meat is wrapped in ti leaves and covered with more banana leaves and then dirt is placed on top of that. The meat cooks slowly all day and is very moist and just falls apart when it is uncovered.

These are the weapons I talked about in my Monday post. The kahuna (the best in his field) or medicine man is trained in lots of things. He learns the art of making medicine from natural things, plants, bark, certain red dirt etc. Part of his training includes self defence. He learns to carve these weapons and use them. When the warriors had to fight they were ferocious warriors, but only to protect their families and lands.

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