Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nell is home!

Nell is home from her mission! She served in Minnesota and is glad to be home in the good weather for the holidays. She gave her homecoming talk on Sunday and it was a wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionary lessons for all of us and our visitors too!
I visit teach with her mom Ui and her dad is the 1st coun. in the bishopric. Their family has become good friends of ours. She is here until the 1st of the year when she will return to BYU to work on research for a professor and start her masters. Homecomings are so exciting. I can remember how I felt when my boys were coming home. One of our sister missionaries heard from her mom on Monday and she has already started her count down. She goes home transfer after next. Time is flying. Several people have asked us to extend! Imagine that.

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