Friday, December 23, 2011

Jana and the Christmas Ornaments.

This is our cute little Christmas Tree. Bud B. came knocking at the door the other day and presented us with this tree and all the decorations. He was so sweet about it. He went to the store and bought the tree, lights, balls, ornaments, tinsel and the star for the top. Everything! He even thought to buy a yard of fabric to use as a skirt around the bottom. He said he hoped it was alright and matched because his wife was working when he went shopping and he just did the best he could. Oh, my goodness people are being so wonderful to us. We are overwhelmed by their friendship and kindness.

Jana sent us ornaments from each of the families with their most current pictures on them. She wrote in the note that came with them that "this way we could all be together this Christmas." What a wonderful thing to do for us! We just love all the pictures of everyone.

They brought tears to my eyes. Oh, we just long to hug everyone and be with them again. All the kids seem to have grown up so much since we have been gone. "I'm 7 Grandma," Jack told me when I called to tell Jana they arrived. We are so thankful Families Can Be Together Forever!

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