Saturday, December 10, 2011

Aloha'oe Evaron Haumea, Sr.

Bishop called yesterday morning and asked Dad if he would give the opening prayer at Evaron's funeral this morning. It was held on the beach and it was really beautiful weather today and the whales were spouting in the background. Evaron nor his family has been active for quite a few years but wanted the church to do the funeral. That makes 4 since we have been here. The second that they have wanted us to say the prayers. There was beautiful Hawaiian music, ukulele and guitar, anyone could give remembrances if they wanted to and the bishop gave the spiritual talk. It was nice to meet the family. They were very gracious and thankful for the kind words. They also invited us to the lunch that we had on the beach right after the service. Dad and I have decided we want our funerals on the beach. Ok? Don't shake your heads - it's not morbid.

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