Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Car and Missionary Pad Inspections.

We inspected the missionary apartments and cars today. It was a happy and sad at the same time. All four of the zones companionship's will change. Elders Smith and Cart are going home. Sister Kamada is going back to the Visitor Center and Elder Cox is being transferred. After we finished with the elders we met up with the Cox's and had lunch and a walk along the beach path at Kapa'a. It was such a beautiful walk we didn't realize how far we had gone. We had an appointment at 4:00 and luckily we made it home on time. The Cox's are going home to Utah
for 6 weeks. They will be leaving tomorrow. We will miss them. We have to say we are a little envious as they will be spending Christmas with all of their children and grandchildren.

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