Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday and District Meeting.

We told the elders last week we probably wouldn't be at meeting today because our family was going to be here and we were going to spend time with them. They were a little shocked but managed to get hold of themselves. We shocked them even more by being at our meeting anyway. All the boys were going to go scubaing today and the ladies and kids were going up to Hanalei to see the lighthouse and the beach at the other end of the island. We had been there and we had 2 other afternoon appointments so we decided to stay and do our missionary work. We were going to go back to Poipu for the evening but everyone was tired so we ended up staying here in Kekaha and we will see them tomorrow. We are going Kayaking up the Wailua River. That will be interesting. I am excited, Wally not so much. I wonder why?

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