Saturday, April 28, 2012

Allerton Gardens.

We slept in until 8:00 o'clock this morning.  We know that this will be our last few days here.  We will be going home early Tues. We decided to see some things we hadn't seen before and first went to the Allerton Botanical Gardens.  They were absolutely lovely.  There are several trees here with roots winding around the ground.  These were used in the movie Jurasic Park.  It is where the dinosaur egg was found in resin.  Anyway we thought we better have our picture taken in this famous place. We still can't get over the wonderful ward party from last night and still talk about what a surprise everyone pulled over on us.  After the gardens we had a late lunch at the Poi Pu Bay Golf Course Grill.  Wally didn't golf here but it helps to make him feel better by eating yummy food and looking out over the beautiful greens.  We came home in the afternoon and did some more packing and sent some boxes home. Robert (the clerk at the Post Office) is getting to know us really well.  We also took lots of things to the Salvation Army.  President and Sister Dalton surprised us with and good bye call.  They wanted to have us stay at the mission home before we left but they were called to the mainland for a conference.  It was nice to have one last chat and to say thanks for the opportunity to serve here on this gorgeous island.

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