Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Tend Sam!

We got to tend Sam today while the rest of the family went on the NaPali coast cruise. Here is Sam posing for a picture with Kekei, our neighbor's granddaughter. It is so interesting how little children make an instant connection and can be friends and pose for pictures and act like they have known each other for ever. They were so sweet playing together. I think Kawehi and Willy enjoyed it too, seeing the kids be friends right off the bat.
I guess the cruise was absolutely wonderful today. They all had a ball and didn't even get the least bit sea sick. I asked Braden what his favorite part of the trip was and he said the sandwiches they had for lunch! Sounds like a hungry teenage boy. They saw the Kalalau Valley from the bottom and this time it was clear and they also snorkeled and saw some turtles. I think someone said they saw a whale and her baby. They must be the last left here. Well, it was fun for us getting to know Sam and playing with him. He sure has grown up while we have been gone. I must say though that we are 2 years older and we were worn out when the day was over. How did we manage 5 all at once?

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