Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Apartment and Car Inspections.

This is another beautiful picture from the helicopter.  I still can't believe we had such a wonderful opportunity to see our island like this.  Today we did our last apartment and car inspections.  We have enjoyed this part of our mission because we get to know the elders and sisters better and we also get to spend the day with the Coxes.  We have asked them to take our place when we leave and they have accepted.  They will do such a good job and are so willing to serve in any way they can.  After the inspections were finished we had just enough time for a final lunch with them at Kauai Pasta (one of our favorite places to eat) and then head home.  We are going to Oahu tonight to go to the temple with the Inouye's tomorrow.  We are so excited. They are going to be sealed and have asked us to be their escorts.  Wally continues to get better.  I know the medicine helped but Elder Edwards blessing has made all the difference.  Heavenly Father listens to prayers and only wants us to ask for his help.

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