Thursday, April 26, 2012

Portuguese Bean Soup.

Lois and Vince have promised us Portuguese Bean Soup before we we go home so tonight is the night! Yum!!!  We wondered if we would be able to have our final evening together because Vince's dad is in the hospital.  Wally and Vince administered to him and he has been doing better but we still did not want to take them away from family or feel like they had to spend the evening with us.  They were glad to have us come.  We had such a wonderful visit.  They also invited Bishop and Maxine and we had a lot of fun together. When you talk story and laugh and share with each other it helps to take our minds of things sometimes. The soup was so fabulous. Lois is a really good cook. We had 3 kinds of fresh baked bread and a luscious green salad to go with the soup.  Then Lois pulled out all the stops and for dessert she had her famous jello cheese cake.  It was to die for! Bishop brought an apple pie and we all had a piece of that too.  You can imagine how happy and full we were when the evening was over.  Here I go again but how we are going to miss these wonderful friends when we fly away home. How dear they are to us.  

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  1. Similitude in the Philippines, I love pineapples.