Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Week of Shopping and Sending Boxes Home.

We have taught 2 baptism lessons to 8 year olds so far this week. Shelbri's baptism is this weekend and she is so excited she can hardly stand it. I met her and her mom at the church so she could try on her baptismal clothes and she could hardly stand still. "I love Primary." she kept saying. What a cute little girl. All the missionaries went over to Oahu for 8 Step Training and so there was no District Meeting this week. Wally and I didn't go because we will soon be coming home and we wanted to save the mission money. It costs so much to fly inter island. We are busy doing little things on the list of things that have to be done before we go home and were glad to have this time to do them. Especially getting that Red Dirt sweatshirt for when we have to face the cold days in Utah again. At lunch time we decided to go to Yumi's for our last lunch with Gena. We met Gena when we first moved here and lived in Handy's house. She was our neighbor. When we found out she ran her own little restaurant we would go for hamburgers and Pumpkin Crunch every so often. We taught a lesson to Palani and Dayla. We read Alma 32 together. Palani has his scriptures loaded on his phone now and is so happy with it. How happy that makes us to see his joy in the gospel. What a great man he is! How blessed to share the gospel with someone who is loving it and taking everything in and embracing it.

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