Saturday, April 21, 2012

And We Thought We Were Home Free....

I hope you don't get tired of all my sunrise, sunset and beach shots.  I just can't seem to get enough. I know it won't last much longer so I just keep snapping away.  Today was the stake Family History Fair with a lunch to follow. It was a missionary activity so all  missionaries on the island were all asked to attend and help answer any questions about the church people might have.  We were up early, as always, and heard a knock on the door.  We shouldn't have answered by the way.  There was a ward service project at Tama's Loi but we couldn't go.  The Wright's came by on their way and Bro. Wright asked us if we would speak at Sacrament Meeting tomorrow.  We already talked a month ago and gave our final testimonies last Fast Day. We really thought we were home free.  Wally said just the other day, "If they happen to ask us to speak again we are saying NO!"  Yeah, sure.  He answered the door when I was in the shower and he said "Oh, Yes, What An Opportunity!" So this afternoon after the fair we will be working on talks I guess. What more can we say?  Wall says he will talk about things we have learned and I am supposed to talk about people.  His emotions are too near the surface he says.  What about me? We will both cry like babies, I'm sure.

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