Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Lesson for Margarita.

This is a Bamboo plant. It grows in water. It has special meaning to us. The Blevin's and Margarita gave it to us tonight after our dinner and lesson (The Plan of Salvation). Margarita continues to enjoy the lessons. English is her second language so we are going slowly so we make sure she understands all we have to share with her. We had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings because we can't meet on Easter Sunday because of other family things going on. The pot has elephants all around the outside and that is important too. The Bamboo was trained to grow like this and Sis. B was telling us that the 2 bottom leaves represent Wally and me and the next one up is the Savior watching over us. The heart is their love for us. How sweet is that? We want to bring it home but don't know if we can. We will go to the airport and ask next week. It grows in water so there will be no dirt being transported or anything. We are constantly amazed by the love and support of the people we have met here in Kekaha. Our hearts have been changed forever.

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