Monday, April 9, 2012

The Canyon and The Beach.

Well, we went up to the first 3 look outs of the Waimea Canyon this morning. When Wally and I walked this morning we looked up at the mountains and thought what a perfect time to go. It was clear and the sky was so blue. We were sure we would be able to see for miles. By the time Brandon and family got here (9:00) and we started to drive up the clouds started to roll in. The canyon is so beautiful we wish they could have seen all of it. You can tell by their jackets and Jana's towel it was cool. The coolest we have seen since we have been here. Cool not cold! At the very last stop I prayed for just a short window of time so they could look down and see the ocean at the bottom of the canyon with the waves breaking against the shore. Sure enough we were blessed with a quick view. How happy I was for answered prayers.
"Catch a wave and your sittin on top of the world.." Anyone know that song? Body surfing anyone? This is Kekaha Beach. When Jeffrey was here we went all over the island to different beaches to swim. On their last day we stopped for minute at Kekaha Beach and they wished they had spent some time here. Jeff told Brandon it was a good beach and so did we. Because it was rainy up the canyon "Brandon guys" decided to see if it was true that it never rains in Kekaha and that it is the hottest place on the island. We were rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous day. A perfect beach day. We spent the afternoon playing in the sand and water and watching all the fun. You can tell by the picture that the body surfing and boogie boarding were the BEST! I love our "wild" beach and I am sure going to miss having it just down the street when we get home.

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