Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Sunday!

We had the most wonderful Sunday today. The Stake Presidency came to speak at Kekaha Ward. Their messages were so uplifting. They spoke about forgiveness, scripture study, activity and tune ups. They are very kind and gracious men. Our Sunday School lesson was on keeping records. Of course, I felt good about that one. I am keeping records right? After church we had a 3rd baptism, in as many weeks, for a sweet little girl in our ward. We taught the 3 baptism lessons to her. Dad was able to stand in the circle when she was confirmed. And of course, we were invited to a wonderful luncheon afterwards. Yum- sweet and sour pork, mac salad, chili, rice and _____. We went home for some R & R because one of us has a cold and is coughing and wearing himself out. The highlight of the day or should I say evening, though, was being invited to Karratti's for dinner and an evening of sharing experiences. The best green salad and Sis. K's outstanding stew and rice with chocolate strawberry cake, ice cream cake and blueberry crisp for dessert was unbelieveable. We love the Karratti's so much. They have become wonderful supporters and friends. Bro. K is our ward mission leader and works tirelessly to find people for us to teach. Sister K has been the R. S. President and is now the 1st counselor. She is also a wonderful distributor of oils. She has taken care of our health on more than one occasion. We talk of the gospel, laugh, sing and share lots of things together. We said our good byes to Bro. K because he will be off island for work for the next 3 weeks and we won't see him again. We will miss them very much and have invited them to come and see us whenever they come to Utah. Their's are some of the footprints that will be left on our hearts.

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