Monday, April 16, 2012

Bronchitis Again!

I know this doesn't look like anything medicinal but I had to put something beautiful on this post to lighten it up.  Dad has bronchitis again.  Same thing as last year at about this time.  It is funny too because we are supposed to go to the temple again also.  He started coughing a few days ago but tried to be positive and hope that it wouldn't turn into anything.  No such luck.  After a sleepless night and really sore ribs from so much coughing he decided it was time to see the doctor.  Sure enough it's that old bronchitis again. It was in the early stages and so with a z-pac and some codeine for his cough we hope we will make it to the temple with the Inouyes.  He also asked the ZL's to give him a blessing.  How can we loose?  He seems to be more relaxed already.  I'm keeping him doped up with cough syrup and have sent him to bed to sleep as much as he can. When he asked the doctor why this happens to him so often the doctor says it has something to do with his immune system.  Interesting.  I hope he gets well soon.  Dad is not the best patient you know!

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