Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Easter Sunday!

Here they all are! Everyone was glad to see Grandma and Grandpa but Sam. He doesn't know us. We aren't scary on Skype but real life is different. We are so glad to have Brandon, Jana and family here. We feel so spoiled because we can show our island off and have their undivided attention. No one else is around. They came down to Kekaha today to church and to meet the members of our ward. Wally and I bore our final testimonies.The most precious thing was Dusa blessing a baby girl in Hawaiian.  It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. It is always warm and beautiful on our part of the island. They liked our little house and our town and especially loved our ward. We visited for awhile but then they went back to Poipu because we had another baptism this afternoon. We went to the Marriott after Tiare's baptism and had a nice dinner and visit with everyone. We have already planned to go up to the Waimea Canyon tomorrow and then hope to spend the afternoon at Kekaha Beach. Goodness these boys have grown in just a year and a half. This family has our oldest grandson and youngest grandchild. Brandon, I remember when you were 16. When I look at your family I can see ours. All those boys......

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