Friday, April 20, 2012

The Coco Palms....

Tuesday we couldn't stay for our usual afternoon with the Cox's so we decided to come back today and go and tour the Coco Palms. It was a fashionable and expensive place to stay in it's day.  It was ruined when Hurricane Inki came through in 1992.  Someone took off with the insurance money and it was never repaired.  In case you don't know what is important about the beautiful Coco Palms it is the hotel that was used to film the Elvis Presley movie "Blue Hawaii"  also the coconut grove in the back was used to film "Pirates of the Caribbean 4." This is a picture of one of the famous shell sinks that are in each room.  They are going to sell about 5 of them to raise money to help take care of the grounds.  It is hoped that someday they will be able to make this into a running hotel again.

 Here I am in cabin 56 where Elvis always stayed having my picture taken with him. The cabins are quite small.  They don't look that way at all in the movie.  When the company was filming Blue Hawaii they took the screen and shutters (behind me) out of the wall and filmed from outside to make it look roomy. If you look behind me you can also see an outside shower made of lava rock.
This is the lagoon where the famous wedding scene in Blue Hawaii takes place.  It is interesting that about 70 weddings a year are still held here. This is a picture of the canoe the bride and groom ride on to the spot where they will be married.  What a fun day visiting this old hotel, hearing its history and touring the grounds. Wall just about died when I suggested this tour but as it turned out he enjoyed it too. 

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