Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Busy Thursday and a Surprise.

What a busy day today!  A visit with Bro. C and then we were surprised to be able to visit with Andrew. We haven't seen him for about 3 months.  He has been taking care of his brother in Pakala. Our original goal has been to finish the Book of Mormon together and then start over again.  It looked like we wouldn't reach that goal and then Andrew shows up and says "my brother is going to the doctor today and next week. His daughter is taking him so  I will be here to read with you."  How sweet that he would take the time to read with us and say good bye. We also had a meeting with the sisters who will be taking over our area.  We gave them an overview and then we all had a wonderful lesson with Dayla, Palani and Shelbri. Oh, in case you wondering about the picture it is of all the missionary planners we have used since we have been here.  Dad wanted to show them off. Each one is 6 weeks so they add up to our 18 months.

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