Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last New Elders.

Our last two missionaries are Elder Kibaimoa from Kiribati and Elder Gardner from Orem.  In fact he doesn't live to far from us.  We had a great meeting today.  The ZL's always prepare well and we learn a lot.  These young missionaries are top notch young men. Wally and I decided that we would take lunch for them this time as it would be our last meeting with the whole group when we could do that. They were quite happy. We could eat, take our time and talk story.  We had tuna or egg salad sandwiches, chips, lemonade and love in a dish for dessert.  They ate up every morsel and licked their fingers too.  It always makes us feel good when they appreciate what we do for them. After lunch was cleaned up we headed straight home because we knew we would have our last meeting with Andrew.  We had 2 pages left of the Book of Mormon and we wanted to finish it.  We have been reading with him since the very first day we arrived on the island.  When we finished we read the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses and bore our testimonies to him.  As we walked home we told each other how happy we were to know each other and good luck and love from all of us.  He ended with God bless you in Hawaiian.  What a sweet friend he has been.

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